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Stone Design ships PreferenceCommander

Simple Preference Management -
View, edit, update, restore, & save sets of preferences for any application!
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June 1, 2005 - Albuquerque, New Mexico – Stone Design, the original Mac OS X software house with over 19 years of experience, today announced immediate availability of PreferenceCommander, a powerful yet simple to use Preference Manager: View, edit, update, restore, & save sets of preferences for any Mac OS X application.

Preferences are user-specific settings that give Mac OS X applications so much flexibility. According to Stone Design CEO and chief software architect Andrew Stone, “PreferenceCommander is a very useful utility which can add functionality to every Mac OS X application. Just click a button to restore an application to it’s original preferences - or save and install custom sets of preferences for the task at hand.”

Inexpensive and Shipping Now!

Stone continues, “You don't need to be a UNIX Geek to manipulate your preferences anymore. Download and try PreferenceCommander at full strength for 14 days free, and you’ll see how useful this app can be. At only $19, with Free Upgrades For Life, it’s a must-have piece of software!” For more information, visit

About Stone Design

Stone Design Corp, founded in 1984 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was the first developer to ship a product for NeXT hardware in 1989. With a mission to develop low cost, 100% Macintosh OS X native applications that are a joy to use, Stone Design has shipped over a dozen design and productivity applications for Macintosh OS X including Stone Studio, Create®, PhotoToWeb®, PStill™, TimeEqualsMoney™, SliceAndDice™, and StampInStone™.

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