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Pac the Man Editor

Pac the Man Editor by
Andrew & Eli Stone is an application which lets you visually add and edit levels (and new level files) to McSebi's Pac the Man. It is now included in Pac the Man X - just choose Games -> Launch level editor.


    - Add or duplicate as many levels as you want
    - Design levels graphically with click and drag
    - Automatically saves and launches Pac the Man game to test
    - Move a new level to Level 1 for easy testing
    - Move a level to any postion
    - Add new backgrounds
    - Add/move more super pellets
    - Change maze color
    - Change wait times for ghosts
    - Change background image
    - Move initial positions
    - Move citadel
    - Change citadel style and tile style
    - Save/Load levels to/from other files
    - Automatically restore to Factory Levels in case of problems!
    - Create and edit new levels files

Download Latest Installing
You need to install either Pac the Man 2 or Pac the Man X into your Applications folder - download the app if you don’t have this great game yet. Pac the Man X allows multiple Levels files, and you can create new ones too!

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