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Stone Design Ships Pac the Man Editor v1.0

San Francisco, January 9, 2006 - Stone Design, the makers of Stone Studio, iMaginator™ and Create®, today announced immediate availability of “Pac the Man Editor” - a free application to create and edit new game levels for McSebi’s acclaimed and free “Pac the Man” video game for Mac OS X. Pac the Man Editor ships as part of the new Pac the Man X game - simply choose “Launch level editor” from Pac the Man’s X’s Game Menu. Users of Pac the Man 2 can also just download the editor to use it independently.

According to Stone Design’s CEO, Andrew Stone, “McSebi has done a fantastic job improving Pac the Man with the new X version. When my son was disappointed that the “Create New Levels” menu item was disabled in Pac the Man 2, we set out to create a standalone editor. Our free Pac the Man Editor lets your imagination go wild in creating new and challenging levels and even new level files to enhance your enjoyment of this classic video game”.

Features include:

    - Add or duplicate as many levels as you want
    - Design levels graphically with click and drag
    - Automatically saves and launches Pac the Man game to test
    - Move a new level to Level 1 for easy testing
    - Move a level to any postion
    - Add new backgrounds
    - Add/move more super pellets
    - Change maze color
    - Change wait times for ghosts
    - Change background image
    - Move initial positions
    - Move citadel
    - Change citadel style and tile style
    - Save/Load levels to/from other files
    - Automatically restore to Factory Levels in case of problems!
    - Create and edit new levels files

You can download the editor as part of the McSebi’s Pac the Man X distribution:

Or you can grab just the editor at:

For more information and other great apps, visit!

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