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Pac the Man Editor
Quick Start Guide

When you launch Pac the Man Editor, it will try and find Pac the Man X (or Pac the Man 2 if you don’t have X) in your Applications folder. If it can’t find it, you’ll get an OpenPanel to try and locate the app. If you don’t have the game yet - go grab it from McSebi!

Hint: If you mess up the file, choose File Restore Original Levels. It’s easier to Save As... then start from scratch!
Select a Levels file to edit from the Popup. Choose File Save As... to duplicate a file. New Levels File makes a new empty file.

It’s easier to Duplicate ++ then start from an empty New + layer!
The Top tool bar on the left lets you add (+), duplicate (++) or delete (-) levels. Use the Popup to go to another level

Pac the Man X lets you start at any level - so you don’t need to move it to #1 for testing!

You can move levels around with these buttons. Move a level to #1 for easy testing on Pac the Man 2.

Add your own PNG backgrounds with Levels
Add Backgrounds... (PtM2 uses PICT files)
Set the background image and color of the walls with this popup and colorwell:
To modify the mazes, just select one of the following tools, and click and drag in the maze:

Create a path
Erase a path
Add up to 10 pellets
Set starting location of Pacman and Pacwoman
Move the citadel
Hint: drag off the edge to open walls. See Expert page for more options!
Choose look of citadel:

Choose look of tiles:

- how long before a ghost starts hunting and how long ghosts are blue after eating a super pellet.
Choose Wait time:

When you are ready to test your changes, simply click the Pac the Man button to automatically save the file, set it to be the default file opened by Pac the Man and launch Pac the Man to begin playing!

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