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AppleScript: Examples (page 1)
This is an example AppleScript generated from a Create file. This script will reproduce the 3x10 address template from the Page Resource Library.
You could easily modify this script to produce labels with different addresses, fonts, and colors.
tell application "Create"
make new document at before front document
tell the front document
tell page 1
make new text area at before graphic 1 with properties {x position:12, y position:36, width:189, height:72, rotation:0.0, scale x:1.0, scale y:1.0, shear x:0.0, shear y:1.0, flip horizontal:0, flip vertical:0, locked:0, antialias:0, text contents:"Janey Q. Doey
123 Easy Street
Wakefield, NM 87107"}
set the font of the text contents of text area 1 to "Helvetica"
set the size of the text contents of text area 1 to 12
set the color of the text contents of text area 1 to "0.000000 0.000000 0.000000"
tell text area 1
make new matrix at before matrix 1 with properties {rows:10, columns:3, row spacing:0.0, column spacing:14.4}
set the multi to matrix 1
end tell
end tell
end tell
end tell

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