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Hidden Defaults
AppleScript: Customize (page 2)
To change the script editing application that’s used when you open a script, use the hidden default:

defaults write com.stone.Create ScriptEditor "Your Editor”

where “Your Editor” is replaced with the name of the script editor you want, including the quotes.
An easy way to see what AppleScript and Create can do is to make a Create document and choose File->Save Other->Save AppleScript… Create will make a file containing the AppleScript commands needed to recreate the file and will open the file in Script Editor.

Example: The sample script on the next page will reproduce the 3x10 address label Page from Library Resources. You could replace the text information with an AppleScript variable and initialize the variable with information from another source. You could then use the script to produce address label sheets, with each sheet having a different name and address.

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