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AppleScript: Installed Scripts (page 2)
Create Booklets provides a way of making a folded booklet on 8 1/2 x 11 paper out of the active document in Create. It works by generating a PDF file for each page and then creating two new documents with the PDFs scaled to fit two on each page. The pages are placed so that you can print one document, and then print the other document on the reverse side. When you fold the pages, the booklet will have the pages of the original document in the correct order.

Create Booklets A4 scales the pages to fit on A4 paper.

Note: we don’t know how paper travels through your printer. You may need to do some experimentation to determine how to print the second document on the reverse side.

Envelope lets you set a return address (the default is the address on your personal address card in Address Book), a sender’s address (the default is the address on the currently selected card in Address Book). It then creates a new #10 envelope-sized document with the addresses placed correctly.

Guides: The Guide scripts add guides to every page in the active document in Create.

Slide Show generates a JPG file for each page in the active Create document, makes a new
PhotoToWeb® document containing those files and runs the PhotoToWeb slide show.

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