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Add another page for the web

We want to add another page that will be just for the web. We add the page using the page control menu in the lower left hand corner of the window, apply the Background master layer, and use drag and drop to add a link to the PDF version of the document (so people can download and print if they want), a rollover photographic joke, created in SliceAndDice, and a home video for one of the candidates. (


• To show how easy it is to add downloadable documents, rollover graphics, and multi-media to websites created with Create.

Generate the new HTML

To generate the HTML over the original HTML already created, choose Web->Create Web Pages... and then choose any HTML file within the folder Create already made. After you click OK, Create will ask if you want to replace the file; answer OK. Now, Create will replace the contents of the folder with the new HTML files.

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