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Stone Studio for OS X
Generate PDF file

At this point, we can generate a PDF file which can be printed or emailed. PDF is a fully-portable document format that can be viewed on any computer/operating system with a free PDF viewer.

To generate a PDF document, choose File->Export and select Portable Document Format (PDF) from the File Format menu.


• To show how easy it is to generate PDFs using Mac OS X.

Prepare to generate the HTML

We need to do a little more preparation to generate the HTML. Create automatically adds page navigation tools, but we have control over their style and placement.

To set up the navigation bars, choose Web->Document HTML…. In the Appearance tab, we’ll make sure the navigation bars appear at the bottom of the page, and that we’re using the Aqua style navigation bars.


• To show how easy it is to set up a document for the web.

Generate the HTML

Choose Web->Create Web Pages… and choose a location. Create will generate all necessary HTML pages and images. Create will also automatically generate a table of contents page.

Upload to .mac

It’s easy to publish your pages to the web, especially if you have a .mac account. Just mount your iDisk and drag and drop the folder created by Create into your Sites folder.
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