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How to fill out a PDF form, the easy, re-editable way:
Often times, forms are available on line as PDF files...but how do you fill them out? Print them and fill them out by hand? Print them and type in the info (does anyone still have a typewriter)?

I use Create®. Here’s how:
1. Drag the PDF file onto the Create icon in the dock. This will make a new multi-page document, with the PDF file on a Master Layer that has been applied to all the pages. Each page of the PDF file is displayed on a separate page in your Create doc. Since the PDF file is on a Master Layer, it won’t move around on the document pages.

2. Now, just type in the info needed. Use copy and paste as appropriate. I use individual text areas for each field on the form, so I can line them up to look nice. It’s easy to edit, easy to save in case you have to do the form again or modify it, easy to print, easy to add additional pages of’s all good.

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