The Power of Words

The ancients used to compare our thought processes that seem to run out of control with a ‘drunken monkey’. Nothing calms the chatter and the clatter of the inebriated simian better than soothing words.

Which words are not that important – each of us has words that are meaningful to us, and remind us to be aware and awake. In the Vedic traditions of India, a group of words that are repeated over and over again is called a “mantra”.

The words, repeated silently or even under your breath if it helps you pay more attention, create gentle waves which wash over the discombobulated parts of our minds, encouraging us to relax and open fully.

Whether it be Sanskrit, English, Hebrew or any language really, simple phrases with repetition calm the mind. We’ll look at a few techniques that combine breath, mantra and visualization to allow you to fall deeply into sleep when you are laying down.

All these same tricks, when sitting upright crosslegged and alert, can help you enter deep states of meditation.
How To Fall Asleep Naturally