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Big Stone Phone Updates TalkingPics
Record Audio, take photos, make slideshows and more!
Chicago December 8 2008 - Big Stone Phone is happy to announce immediate and free availability of an update to its popular program TalkingPics v1.3 - the audio recorder/picture taking field data gathering tool that lets you make slideshows and upload files to the Desktop.

Key features in TalkingPics include:

• Create as many projects as you want
• Each project can have unlimited recordings
• Attach a notes and photo to each recording
• Attach map of current location to recording
• Run Slideshows on the iPhone
• Offload files to the Desktop

"In this update we have been able to make significant improvements to the performance of TalkingPics in all areas. Current users can expect an ongoing commitment to high quality that we try to deliver to all our products, and of course the updates are free" said Project Leader Jeff Biggus of Big Stone Phone.

TalkingPics v1.3 features significant improvements to speed and stability of taking photos. In addition, the image format has been switched to high quality JPEG, saving space without sacrificing picture quality. As well, all entries show file size as well as audio recording length in the project overview, handy for managing project information.

Other improvements include an offline FAQ, for when no network is available, a spruced up look to the project presentation slideshow, and refinements to the ability to upload projects to a computer (Mac or PC), including fixes for Vista users.’s layout and design application
Create has been enhanced to let you create a website with audio, pictures and notes from TalkingPics. Videator also lets you instantly create a QuickTime movie from your TalkingPics projects.

TalkingPics remains the leading iPhone program for recording audio, taking photos and jotting down notes. Big Stone Phone is proud to provide high quality support to their products for all users.

Also: Holiday pricing! Effective immediately, TalkingPics is now available for $6.99 until MacWorld. Makes a great present, and a great bargain in these tough economic times, with the added bonus of supporting small developers who are dedicated to providing customers with high quality products at low prices.

TalkingPics is available for download and use today directly from your iPhone or computer by clicking
Stone Design is a New Mexico based software corporation founded in 1984 by Andrew Stone which has shipped over 20 titles for Mac OS X and its parent operating system, the NeXT in the last 20 years. Major applications include Create, a page layout and web authoring app, iMaginator for image processing and Videator for video effects and VJ’ing. This year, in conjunction with BigStonePhone, has added 5 iPhone applications to the collection: TalkingPics for field photography and audio recording, iGraffiti which lets you paint on photos and share them, Gesture which lets you turn photos into digital paintings and share them, Twittelator - the premium iPhone twitter client and Pulsar - a free psychedelic strobe light. BigStonePhone is a collaboration between Stone, Jeff BIggus of and artist and UI designer Ollie Wagner.

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