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For Immediate Release

For more information, please contact:
Katie Graunke

Stone Design Announces C R E A T E (tm) 5.0
for Mac OS X Server and Web Objects

Boston, March 1 1999 - Longtime OpenStep and Macintosh developers,
Stone Design, announced that Create 5, the powerful draw studio and web page maker will ship with Mac OS X Server. Today, it has shipped for Web Objects 4.0 for NT and Yellow Box for Windows (YBW). This release incorporates numerous new features on the much imitated but never duplicated Create.

Create is the all-in-one drawing and web page production application that has been shipping on NeXTSTEP for over 9 years. Create has the power and features that graphic designers need to make professional web pages, flyers, letterheads and much more. The Stone Design web site, which was fabricated in Create, shows off the range and power of this application.

Andrew Stone, CEO of Stone Design said, "We believe in 'Try before you buy', and we know that Create for Mac OS X Server and Web Objects is the fastest, most feature-packed version of the software ever released! Experience the power and grace of this technology today."

Users of Apple's Yellow Box for Windows, such as Web Objects 4.0 users, can take advantage of Create YBW now. The Mac OS X Server version will be bundled with Apple Computer Inc's Mac OS X Server Solutions CD which is slated to ship with each copy of Mac OS X Server.

Downloading is available now.

Create 5 has a list price of $695, but has an introductory price of $249. To upgrade from Create 4.x, please contact
Katie Graunke at Stone Design. To upgrade from Version 4.2 costs $39, from Version 4.0 is $69, and from Version 3.x is $149.

For more information about Create, please visit the
Stone Design web site.

To reach a human, please call between 9:00am and 5:00pm, MST: 505-345-4800, or try us anytime via email:

Some of the new features in Create 5 include:

* Double-Click Installer for both Mac OS X Server and Yellow Box for Windows

* Automatic antialiasing of graphics and EPS files
    Create ultra-smooth JPEG graphics using the antialias feature.
    This can be set on a per graphic basis, and a new preference
    switch can determine whether new objects have the
    smoothing or not.
* Animator now produces GIF movies which can be turned into animated GIFs
    automatically with a new, included Applet called "
    You can edit the animations parameters in GIFfun, and
    quickly include these movies into your Create HTML docs.
* More HTML options:
     - Option to output current page only
     - Option to inhibit production of graphics
     - Source and destination anchors
     - Control-click a graphic to go to its URL or local addres
     - Option to produce larger/smaller fontsizes
     - Clean HTML which works perfectly on IE and Netscape
     - Drag URLs from OmniWeb as new graphics with links
     - Drag URLs into rich text to add that link to the text
     - Float graphics in a self-centering table option
     - Bigger/smaller fonts switch
     - Open local image to be used in HTML production
* A Name Browser to edit all the names of graphics and pages and what
    images and web addresses are used in web page production has been
    added: Tools->Name Browser...

* SERVICES: convert RTF or ascii from other apps instantly into HTML:
    - If you write something in Edit, select it, Services:
     Create->Convert to HTML, it replaces your RTF with HTML

* Smart names: Graphics names are now more comprehensible
    - Graphics name appears in statusField to show selection

* Option to print background graphics at any transparency

* Drag an image onto the Inspector's "view button" to
    automatically load it as the tiled background image.
* Drag out document as RTF file

* See who's using up all the Create licenses on your network:
    - use of the updated Licenser Kit has network usage information.
* Updated Icons

* Hundreds of bug fixes

Create Features:


* Drawing tools include: Line, Straight Line, Curve,
    Arc, Rectangle, Oval, Rounded Rectangle, Bezier Spline,
    Spline-Line, Poly Line, Freehand, Brush, Polygon Star,
    Interface "Box", Video, Rich Text and Super Text.

* Other types of graphics include: Text bound to a path,
    EPS and TIFF images, Groups, Box "Button" Groups, Mask Groups,
    Date & Page Markers.


Each graphic can contain some or all of the following PostScript effects:
* Outline - set the width, color and visibility of the stroke of an object.
* Neon - Stone's unique Neon feature makes splashing, 3D lines.
* Multiple - each object can be repeated any number of times at any offset.
* Skew - torque and twist objects.
* Shadow - set the color, direction and offset of the object's shadow.
* Shaded Fill - fill objects with blended colors or lines:
    across, down, radially.
* Pattern Fill - PS Level II patterns that you create with Pattern Editor.
* Group - Manage complexity by grouping objects. See also Levels below.
* Mask Group - Clip any number of objects to the object on top of them
e.g., fill Super Text with a picture of a sunset.
* Box Group - a grouping technique which puts an interface box
    around objects: Make instant WEB BUTTONS!
* Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical.
* Scale - set the vertical and horizontal scaling separately or together.
* Rotate - Using Stone's rotational slider, precisely rotate objects.
* Copy and Paste effects from one graphic to another.
* Color blends: transparent colors, CMYK, RGB, HSB, and Grayscales.
* Name - you can name graphics for ease of selection & editing HTML
* Each graphic can link to a web address
* Store the Effects for instant visual retrieval in the Effects Palette

Precise Design:

* Zoom: Unlimited zoom and custom zooms are remembered.
     You can zoom in on an area with CONTROL-SHIFT drag.
* Undo: as many levels of undo and redo as you like - 30 by default.
* Object layering: Bring To Front, Bring Closer, Send to Back,
        Send Further, Lock and Unlock.
* Grids: control grid spacing, color, visibility
        and "snap-to" independently.
* Rulers: Work in points, picas, inches or centimeters.
* Layers: Each page can be composed of independently nameable,
     hideable, lockable layers
* Layout Guides for easy placement of objects.
* Alignment: Align objects to top, bottom, middle, left, center and right.
* Distribution: Distribute objects evenly left to right
     and/or top to bottom.
* Nudge: using arrow keys or Nudge inspector, move objects precise amounts.
* Each page can have a background image for tracing or presentation.
* Define default colors of an object's effects.

Text Handling:    

2 Text types available: Super Text and Paragraph Text
* Paragraph Text has full support for Rich Text Format:
     multifont, multicolor, multi paragraph text.
     Sub and superscripting, ligatures, kerning and line spacing.
     Spell Checking.
     Underline, italics, bold.
     Rulers, tabs and indents.
* Super Text: can have all of Create's effects applied to it.
     Instantly place along rose, circle, upper or lower arc.
     Optional background color.
     Support for 2-byte fonts, like Kai-Su.
     Convert Super Text to splines.
     Place along any path: bind Super Text to Splines or Spline-Lines.
* Convert Super Text to Paragraph Text and vice versa.

Multiple Pages:

* Add, Copy, Paste, Duplicate or Delete pages.
* Reorder pages with easy interface.
* "Play" (continuously loop through) pages.
* Automated pagination with Page Marker.

Splines and Lines:

* Add and delete handles, Join and separate splines and lines.
* Turn objects into splines. Tighten, Loosen and Animate splines.
* Reverse path of splines and polylines.

Automated Web Page Production:

* Document can create a single web page or a group of interconnected pages.
* Automatically builds graphical Table of Contents.
* Creates easy to read HTML which can be edited by hand.
* Optional navigation bars on top and/or bottom of web pages.
* Set the color of the background, text and links
    with simple user interface.
* Specify a background image URL.
* Specify any image (local or net) for destination HTML
    (such as Animated GIFS)
* Custom HTML:
    - Document titles can have a custom prefix, such as the site name,
    - add your own custom header and/or footer to each page.
* Set the quality of the JPEG images created for export.
* Automatic use of GIF if preferred or if transparent images are required.
* Configure HTML Preferences per document and per page.
* Drag & drop URL's from OmniWeb for instant links
* Command-Click in any graphic to load the HTTP address or local page
* Anchors: both destination and source anchors are supported.
* Name Browser to quickly name objects & pages.


* Instantly drag out images via Create's unique "Data Well"
* Import EPS, PS, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PICT and native file formats.
* EPS files can be automatically antialiased (not OpenStep)
* Autotrace: converts scanned images to editable graphics.
* Export as EPS, PS, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, Ascii, RTF, HTML,
    CreateImage and Create.
* TIFF export: control bit depth, alpha and compression method.
* PNG import/export on Mac OS X Server & Yellow Box


* Exported EPS can be reimported and edited.
* Embed Create graphics in other documents with Object Linking (MACH)
* Paste and Link other application's graphics and text into Create (MACH)
* True object links with no redundant storage (MACH)

Online Help, Sample Art and Custom Art:

* Context sensitive help
* Online Create Manual
* Online Tutorial
* Sample art provided.
* Your custom art and group art gets loaded as menu items.
* Save your Effects and drag and drop them on other graphics
* Entire searchable manual in HTML available at www.stone.com.
* Suggestion Box to email Stone with your bug reports and suggestions.
* License the product directly from the Application

Expert Features:

* Preferences: customizations that control every aspect of Create.
    Configure Create just the way YOU want!
* User PostScript Editor - an environment where you can
    write and execute PostScript programs:
    Open, execute, modify and save PS files.
    Visually set the bounding box of any PostScript.
* Templates: You can create new documents from existing
    ones for stationary, forms, etc.
    Automatic access to your private and group directories.
* Plug-In Tools Add Dynamically Loaded Plug-Ins as they become available
    Video is an example of a Plug-In.
* Animator Module: The animator module allows you to create movies.
    - gifAnim: a sequence of GIFs for use in "GIFfun"(TM) by Stone.
    - tiffAnim: a sequence of TIFFs for use in various Movie.apps.
* Pattern editor: Create PostScript Level II patterns using all
    of the effects and tools. Embeds patterns in your document
    for use by others.

And there are more features, but we ran out of room!

    Stone Design Corp. in Albuquerque, New Mexico was formed in 1984 and was the first developer to ship a product on NeXT Hardware in 1989 with the release of TextArt. Since then, Stone Design has been a leader in innovative shrinkwrap software in the NEXTSTEP/OpenStep/Mac OS X Server marketplace. Create(TM) - the high end drawing and web page making package - is Mac OS X Server's and Apple Yellowbox's first application. All other names are trademarked by their respective companies.