What's NeXT?
Software, Psychedelics and the Origins of OS X & iOS
         – Andrew C. Stone, @twittelator [ EASY TO READ PDF ]     [ VIDEO ]

This talk was first delivered at CocoaConf’s Yosemite gathering 4/21/15

Due to the emergent nature of this gathering, I hope we can have a continuing emergent discussion of how Steve Jobs and the people who were literally "called" to help him manifest some very deeply philosophical and spiritual ideas and bring them to the physicality of the pads, pods, and phones of the current NOW.
John Muir, a man we are forever grateful for his efforts to preserve Yosemite National Park said:

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.         
        - My First Summer in the Sierra , 1911, page 110.

But don't worry about a polyanna unicorn-laced screed, I'll get to the Dark Side eventually...
Today I'm going to share with you stories of the people and events that helped create the World of Today and talk freely about the influences and the coming of age stories affecting the kids born in the mid-1950's (Like Steve, Bill Gates, me & probably many of you)

- those of us wide-eyed from growing up listening to the Beatles, the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd - too young to enjoy the fruits of Free Love, but old enough to know we wanted it!'

The grand narrative was alive and well in '68 - we had a MOON to reach! We had Russian Soviets to proove ourselves superior to. We were in year 2 of Star Trek and the future was very bright.

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