What's NeXT? Software, Psychedelics and the Origins of OS X & iOS - Andrew C Stone @twittelator
The tablets are all over the Enterprise, Replicators - ie 3D printers are repairing body parts. We dreamed it - we built it. Stories - that's what we're made of!

Our particular story begins in a modest Sunnyvale California neighborhood with a now fellow Albuquerquean and Apple Computer Employee #4, Bill Fernandez. He's 13, it's 1968, and he invites a scrawny and scraggly haired classmate over one day. The boy is transfixed in front of a Japanese landscape print that Bill's mom, Bambi, had brought from Ha'waii. He's taken by the sheer force of design and simplicity of just a few strokes. The boy is, of course, Steve Jobs.
It's outside Bambi's house where Bill introduces SJ to Woz. And both Bill &

Bambi go on to play important roles in how you have a unix box in your hand today.

So coming of age to a very psychedelic bay area that was trying to find the next big thing in consciousness, which was being able to reach the ecstatic heights of a fully functioning brain on LSD simply by learning to do ancient mystical-state-inducing practices like yoga, chanting, sacred dance and meditation.

And, in the fashion of learning how to "go back to the land" with a manual, namely, "The

Whole Earth Catalog"; there was a manual to learn the gnostic arts - to reach ecstasy through expanded consciousness "Be Here Now" , written by Tim Leary's Harvard co-conspirator Ram Dass, né Richard
Alpert, and released in October 1971.

For young seekers, this book was - and still is - a breakthrough happening. People were Om'ing, doing pranayama, fasting, dancing and practicing tantra in order to get connected on High on a more enduring basis than that afforded by psychedelics.
I began doing yoga in 1970 and it's helped me write code and survive sitting all these years - and BE HERE NOW obviously had a huge impact on Steve because when he and Daniel Kottke went to India, they sought out and met with Ram Dass's guru, Neem Karoli Baba.

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