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Uploading your songs and art to the DeskTop

1. make sure your phone is connected via WIFI to your network - go to a nearby cafe if you don’t have it at home!

2. select the song to upload, and tap the small desktop upload icon in upper left:

3. If you are not connected via WiFi - you’ll see this message - so go to the Settings app, and turn on WiFi and relaunch MobileMix!

4. When you see the Bonjour icon:

a. go to your desktop’s internet Browser -
        Safari is the best
b. choose “Bookmarks -> Show All Bookmarks”
c. choose “Bonjour” from Collections and then you’ll see:

d. Double-click “MobileMix Song: ....
5. Now you can download the tracks by right-clicking each track:
Mac Users have it much easier though!

a. First click the top text which says “Launch Script Editor”

b. Click “Mac Users: Click here” to see applescript

c. Copy the text, and paste into Script Editor

d. Click “Run” in Script Editor to automatically download all the tracks, the album cover art, and a special info file “Song.bin” which you can use to instantly create a very cool live movie in

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