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Since your browser cannot read Java, here is a screenshot:
Screen shot of java app

Stone Design's Color Coordinator
ColorCoordinator lets the Web page designer instantly select and preview colors for the background, text, links, active link and visited links on an HTML page. ColorCoordinator then provides the HTML code required to use these selected colors in the bottom text field. Because most WWW users have video cards with insufficient memory to render colors accurately, many colors appear dithered, dotty and downright disgusting. With ColorCoordinator, you can pick from the palette of 216 Netscape "Friendly" colors which will be displayed as solid color, not dithered, on these low-end systems. NOTE: The slider to the right of the color wheel is "Saturation" - to get darker colors. Drag it to the middle, and then click around the color wheel to see how it works. If it gets all the way to black, then no matter what you do, only black can be chosen!
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