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The Twitterverse is Going Crazy for Twittelator Pro!

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Dr Mac aka Bob LeVitus: @LeVitus: The more I use Twittelator Pro 2 the more I like it. I have others on my iPhone but use TP2 the most.
@macintom: Twittelator Pro used to compromise speed and a clean interface to have tons of features. With 2.2, there is No Compromise!!
@twittelator wow, new Twitterlator v2.0 is amazing. Not and upgrade, a whole new experience. You rock.

@rickgoldstein @DaveHamilton Just got Twittelator Pro 2.0. THIS is the combo of Tweetie and TwitterFon features (plus some) I was looking for yesterday.
@Saphrym I had 3 Twitter programs before I found Twittelator. Twittelator does it all. Best purchase I've made!
@dswenson Twittelator's (@twittelator) update to the pro app is really amazing, might take me away from @tweetie
@tedsblog OMFG the twittelator pro update is fantastic! Just beautiful & the GUI looks amazing! If you need an iPhone Twitter app, this should be it!
@imaggard @utech oh yeah! Only the pro version, I should say. First app in a while that has blown me away. Used it then switched to tweetie. I'm back
about 1 hour ago from Twittelator in reply to utech

The more I mess with this twittelator update, the more I'm impressed. Just moved it back to first screen on my iPhone. #twittelator

@multaganol @twittelator The new version of Twitterlator Pro is the cream of the iPhone crop. Tweetie and the others will be playing catch-up.
@bradenwh Oh my. Just update my copy of Twittelator Pro, and I'm in love. Goodbye, Tweetie. Hello Twittelator Pro.
@gabrieli @twittelator so many new features in Twitterlator v2.0. Perhaps the best interface to Twitter I've seen yet.
@drumzonly ach ja, noch ein letztes: #TwittelatorPro hat sich ganz schön gemausert ;) #version2.0
@PhilipSkillern @LouisTrapani I like the new ui
@nielsschoonemanTwitelator pro heeft een grote update gehad. Zier er goed uit

A few random tweets about how much Tweeters love Twittelator Pro from Sept 15th 2008:

: Have to say that Twittelator Pro is the way to go on iPhone

gabrieli: Finally broke down and bought Twittelator Pro. Well worth the 5 bucks. So many features, so configurable.

coreyweb: Twittelator for iPhone rocks. Upgrading to the pro version today

dwagger: Twittelator Pro freaking rules.

anieto: Try Twittelator Pro. It has the "nearby" feature that Twinkle has and copy & paste!

rosslarocco: Twittelator Pro was def worth the purchase.

helenmosher: after deciding that @twittelator is my favorite twitter app for iphone, i've upgraded to pro.

IslandDog: Twittelator Pro is awesome. Well worth the $5

webmasterkapook: Twittelator Pro - amazing iPhone Twitter Client จริงเหรอ

chartier: Whoa, Twittelator Pro has its own copy/paste! Tap, hold on tweet for dialog. Create new tweet,

and hit marker icon to paste. Rock!

scratchyvinyl: @jakemarsh Twittelator Pro. Great app. Worth the $5 IMHO.

dmetzcher: @jakemarsh Twittelator Pro is my fav iPhone Twitter app right now. Largest set of features. Can do just about anything you can on Web site.

jarofclay73: @golfnutn8 I just bought Twittelator Pro after reading the great reviews. Even better than web Twitter!

kidologist: Just got Twittelator Pro, looks worth $5 just for the twitpic display in tweets, plus other features

just looks sharp too

techmate: Like the pic preview in twittelator pro

mrzmaster:  really like twittelator a lot more.. I got the pro version

ChuckSmith: Wow, so impressed with Twittelator Pro. Will delete all other Twitter clients on next sync.

bradenwh: Do you like Twittelator? I use Twittelator Pro, and I love it.

joshftv: just bought @Twittelator Pro. i couldnt resist the high-res photo upload and design!. :D

scottneumyer: Wow! Twittelator Pro has a TON of features!! I dig...

suzieqjenny: The Twittelator Pro update for my iPhone made me as happy as a school girl!

A few random tweets about how much Tweeters love Twittelator from July 2008:

  • mopperx2: just installed twittelator on iPhone, this is way better than twitterrific
  • bensong: I think Twittelator is best for iPhone!
  • cylonjason: I just wanted to thank you for the best Twitter App for the Iphone hands down! Twitterific sucks by comparison. I was so impressed by the app, I donated in the first 5 minutes I've used it. There's a lot of crappy applications on iTunes that cost, so I gladly pay for yours.
  • violoncello: @cianna You may have single handedly convinced me to upgrade to 2.0 just for Twittelator.
  • malteburkhardt: twittelator ist auch nicht so bel aber twitteriffic gefllt mir besser. kann weniger dafr hbsch
  • sektor29: mach das auch nur wegen der twittelator-app auf dem iPhone
  • jpinsd: @iPhone 2.0 users: check out twittelator. i'm liking it more than twitterific. easier interface, IMHO.
  • grrb: def like twittelator better than the bluebird one
  • CallMeJeff: Ohhh. Just loaded "Twittelator" app on the iPhone... I think I like it!
  • instantliving: Tried Twittelator for the iPhone. Looks great, works great. This is how twitter was meant to be.
  • Bonedwarf: @WillBee Looked at Twittelator last night. Looks nice. Much more "iPhoney" than Twitterific.
  • smdahlen: playing with twittelator on the iPhone - it has the search feature missing from twitterific
  • GianMC: I opened up this account because my iPhone has an awesome Twitter application called "Twittelator." 
  • MichaelMedlin: Okay, this new Twittelator app for the iPhone is fun. your hearts...
  • akmedia: I find Twittelator a better client than Twitteriffic. More features for free.
  • sdfkt: Twittelator is sooo much better than Twitterific on the iTouch. 

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