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Q: How do I get iGraffiti?

A: iGraffiti is available right on your iPhone by launching “App Store” and searching for iGraffiti. It’s only $4.99 and you get free updates as we release them.
Update Guide
myGraffiti - a public art space
Q: What can I do with iGraffiti?

A: Snap photos and paint on them - then save and email them to friends or simply upload the photo to the iGraffiti Art Space, and share that link with pals.

You might want to go to the iGraffiti Art Space just to see the kind of cool things you can do with iGraffiti - the possibilities are almost endless!

Once you’ve saved your work, you can open it in Photos app which also lets you set your art as your phone’s “Wall Paper”.
iGraffiti’s Tool Bar
• To save, tap the Save button
• To pick a photo or snap a photo, tap Camera
• To choose a color (or eraser), click Crayons
• For line settings, tap Paintbrush
• Tap Info for basic help and info about iGraffiti
Q: What if I make a mistake?

A: Shake once to erase last paint applied. Shake back and forth vigorously to erase all (think Etch-a-Sketch!).

And you can erase via finger erase by selecting the Eraser in the Crayon Color Picker
Q: How do I add a shadow, pick its color?

A: Tap the Paintbrush for line settings and options. As you change the settings, you’ll see the preview of your finger brush at the top:

Turn off/on Shadow. Choose the shadow color

Line taper - leftmost = none, rightmost = very tapered - this can give a realistic brush stroke!

Line ends: rounded or square. Line dash off/on
You can get interesting effects with dash!

Transparency: from transparent to full coverage, great for overlaying colors lightly by reducing it.

Brush stroke (and eraser) width. In case of tapered lines, the maximum width.

Tap any button on the tool bar to dismiss panel:
Q: How can I do detailed painting?

A: “Pinch Out” to zoom in on your art. Up pops a small Panning window that lets you move around the drawing by tap and dragging the small box that shows where you are in your painting.

HINT: double tap the Panning window to go back to full scale of your painting

“Pinch In” to zoom back out.

Remember to set your brush width thinner to do detailed drawing at any zoomed in level!
Q: Can I make the background any color?

A: Sure can! Just bring up the Crayons and select a color and hold it for 2 seconds to set the background color of your painting.

HINT: Set it to white and your iPhone becomes a safety light at night to help you find the keyhole, and it’s safer than a lighter at a concert for showing your appreciation of the band!

To restore the black background quickly, choose “New” -> “Plain Background” from the Save menu

Q: Can I use any image?

A: Any image that’s on the web can be instantly loaded into iGraffiti through iGraffiti’s web API:

Example - from your iPhone’s Safari type:

Of course, you can load any photo that’s in your Photos application too!

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