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Dear iGraffiti Afficionados!

Well, the sun also rises and we’re working 24/7/365.25 to keep making iGraffiti the coolest painting/photo and shared public social networking art space application on the iPhone - and updates are FREE!

July 15th - Version 1.0.1 was posted to the App Store for review - it seems it takes a few days before it becomes available but when it does, you’ll not be able to get a crayon stuck in the up position (in V1.0, if this happens, quit and relaunch the app, you won’t lose your work!). Also, you can tap the Line Width control to set the width without having to drag it.

Please enjoy the art that people are producing around the planet at! It’s really a cool social experiment, and I’m happy to report very little offensive material has made its way there. We reserve the right to remove any truly offensive photos or ones that younger folks may be upset by.

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