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2. Click on Project->New..
      An OpenPanel will come up - select "Application" for project type in the pop-up menu, type in "sWord" and "OK".

      This will create a new directory named "sWord" with various project files:

* PB.project: the file which maintains your makefiles.
* Makefile, Makefile.preamble, Makefile.postamble: the makefiles.
* sWord_main.m: the source file which defines main().
* English.lproj: the directory with localized interface files (NIBs)
* sWord.iconheader: the file which keeps track of App & Doc icons.

All of these files are created and maintained by ProjectBuilder - you don't have to write a single line of code to get your app skeleton.

Created by Stone Design's Create on 3/12/1998
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