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Customizing Videation Nation

1. Launch System Preferences

2. Choose “Desktop & Screen Saver”

3. Click on “Screen Saver” tab

4. Choose “Videation Nation” in Screen Savers list if not already chosen

5. Click the “Options...” button to run the modal options panel:

The Info pane lets you learn about and download Videator™, which allows you to create your own loops of effects for the Screen Saver - try clicking on Effects -> Add Random Effects for instant loops. Effects you add to Videation Nation are saved in ~/Library/Application Support/Stone/Videation Nation/Effects - they are the same .iFilter format that Stone Design’s iMaginator and Videator use.

The Images pane lets you specify which folder of images will be used to initialize any effects that require images as inputs - by default, it’s set to the location of the Videation Nation screen saver’s resource folder. Drag in a folder of photos from Finder if you like

Choosing “Random” will pick one of your installed Effects files at random each time the screen saver starts. Or you can choose one of the supplied Effects from the popup button.

To add more Effects, just drag them from Finder or Videator’s Image Well set to Effects to the well on this pane.

Videator’s Home Page to learn more about this exciting realtime video creation application!

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