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TTF to PS Font Conversion

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1. Install Stone Design’s PStill first - you can download PStill and get demo licenses instantly from the Stone Design website.

2. Launch TrueBlue and locate PStill by clicking
Find Pstill... button
Note: If you installed PStill into /Applications or /Applications/Stone Studio TrueBlue will find PStill automatically - proceed to next step

3. Navigate the Open panel to locate PStill and click “Open”. The panel will update to show the PStill icon:

4. Click Convert & Install Fonts which presents an Open panel for you to find a folder of Fonts - two places to look are:
    • Mac OS 9 System Folder/Fonts
    • /Mac OS X/System/Library/Fonts

Click “Open” and TrueBlue will convert these fonts and install them into PStill. Be patient - for large font directories this can take several minutes. The progress indicator will spin as the processing takes place.

5. When done, you’ll see an alert panel; Click Launch PStill, and in PStill, select Tools-> Font Manager... Install Fonts. See PStill help for more info on font management.

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