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1. Unpacking if you downloaded

If you download TimeEqualsMoney from, you will have a Disk Image file like:


Double-click that icon to produce a mounted disk image.

2. Installing - this is step 1 if you bought a Stone Studio CD!

Drag the TimeEqualsMoney application icon into your /Applications folder (click the Apps button to reveal /Applications). You can put it anywhere on your computer's disks, but /Applications or your home folder's Applications folder are the best places to put applications.

3. Licensing

When you first launch TimeEqualsMoney, a license panel appears. You can run TimeEqualsMoney in Demo mode, get a trial license or choose to register it at that time. See our
online licensing tutorial for more information. You can always select TimeEqualsMoney->License... to bring up the license panel. If you don't have a license string, contact Stone Design or visit our online store.

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