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TimeEqualsMoney™ Features
• Track time to the minute
• Enter “NOW” for start and stop times with the stop-watch feature
• Pause and resume individual time entries
• Choose if resuming one time entry will pause other entries
• Track expenses like mileage and other hard costs
• Set taxable items and variable tax rates
• Assign different rates for individual time entries
• Track payment in “Equity” and stock shares as well as cash
• Assign a file/folder to each entry to document your work
• Easily reorder your time and expense entries
• Sort time and expense entries on any column
• Rearrange the columns on your time cards
• Instantly invoice unpaid time and expense entries
• Automatically add sequential invoice numbers to invoices
• Fully control the text in invoices and reports
• Set font used in invoices and reports
• Add your company logo to Rich Text invoices
• Generate reports on any time period
• Generate reports on multiple time cards
• Save, email and print your invoices and reports
• Transfer invoices to Create® for further editing and layout
• Export your data for use in databases and spreadsheets
• Work in any currency
• Available in English, German, Spanish, French,
    Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish & Japanese

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