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Making a Website
with Create V14.3 or greater

Download and install Create
2. Launch Create and license it
3. Locate the folder with your TalkingPics project files:
        follow these instructions to transfer files to your Mac

4. Drag “ProjectInfo.bin” into the Create window
        To make a new document, drag onto the Create Dock icon
        You can combine TalkingPic documents by dragging more ProjectInfo.bin’s in!

The Audio shows up as an Embed object in Light Blue
5. Adjust Web Site options with Web -> Web Options...
        You have many customizations you can make to your site here!

6. Make site with Web -> Create Web Pages...
        Choose an output folder to store you web site
        Use any FTP program to upload to your website

It’s really that easy! Wanna make a QuickTime movie instead? Use Videator - just drag and drop!

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