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Making a QuickTime Movie
with Videator V4.7 or greater

Download and install Videator
2. Launch Videator and license it
3. Locate the folder with your TalkingPics project files:
        follow these instructions to transfer files to your Mac

4. Drag “ProjectInfo.bin” into the Videator window
        - Your photos and audio and even notes appear.

5. Adjust the look as desired
        - you might resize the window to your desired movie size
        - you might get rid of the text notes - or change their color
        - you might want to add returns into the notes to wrap
        - you might change transitions: Tools -> Change Transitions...
        - defaults write com.stone.Videator NoNotes YES to inhibit

6. Choose File -> Export Movie to make movie
        You’ll have many options to choose from depending on purpose:
Uncheck to turn off note:

And it’s that easy! You have a QuickTime movie you can share, post or use in a website by just dropping in Create and selecting Web -> Create Web Pages....

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