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Stone Design Ships Stone Works Oct 2007 featuring Create® 14.0

Publishing powerhouse:
Page layout - to print and web

Make movie magic
Premier VJ’ing and video art

“photoshop on steroids”
Image factory for Core Image

Turn images into web pages
Make fancy rollover nav bars

“Acrobat for the rest of us”
PDF repurpose, combine, distill
Albuquerque, October 12, 2007 Stone Design, the original Mac OS X Software house with over 19 years experience with the Mac OS X and precursor NeXTStep/OpenStep technologies, today announced immediate availability of its complete low cost and high performance productivity suite Stone Works. 17 applications, a widget and a screen saver that let you design and publish to print and web, bill for your services, make movies, photo albums, watermark documents, convert fonts, complete image processing, monitor the weather, choose fonts visually, manage your preferences, PDF management and much more!

According to Stone Design founder and CEO Andrew Stone, “You’ll find the latest versions of Create
®, iMaginator, Videator and the rest of the universal (PPC and INTEL) Stone Works to be optimized for both Tiger and Leopard Mac OS X. This is the latest, greatest and most robust release yet - try our complete publishing and media creation alternatives - and with our Free Upgrades for Life, you’ll be glad you chose the independent alternative! This is our 8th year of providing customers with free upgrades.”

The complete
Stone Works bundle, a professional publish to web and print solution, is available now for just $399, That’s a $604 value, and comparable features from other software houses would be well over $4000. Or you can buy any one of the included applications standalone. The Stone Works bundle can be downloaded now and contains 17 applications, a screen saver and a widget.

Create® 14.0, the design, pagelayout and web publishing powerhouse, features a new text engine and a new CSS-based XHMTL web engine that’s so Web 2.0. Read the complete Create® 14.0 Press Release.

SliceAndDice 4.2 which makes fancy navigation bars for Create®, also features XHTML compliance.

Videator 4.2, the amazing realtime performance video machine and "PhotoShop for Video", adds a new Slide Editor, Quicktime 7.2 camera capture and is Leopard ready.

iMaginator 3.5, the first core image manipulation and effects application, now lets you set any custom size, loads faster and is Leopard ready.

PStill 5.6, the complete PDF processing, distilling, combining, separating, and investigating application, adds a new PDF Checker module, the ability to process all the EPS files in a tree of folders, and support for 16 bit images.

TimeEqualsMoney 3.3, the easy to use time and expense app which makes instant invoices, lets you round any time session up to the nearest 5, 10, 15 minute interval.

And, introducing
Qouija 1.0 - a free application to divine the future through cosmic symbology

Also enhanced and updated for Leopard (
features here): PhotoToWeb 3.3, easy photo web publishing, copyrighting and thumbnailing; FontSight 3.1, visual font menus; PackUpAndGo 3.1, cross platform archiving; StampInStone 3.4, easy PDF watermarking; TrueBlue 3.3, TrueType and OpenType to PS Type 1 Font convertor; PreferenceCommander 2.2, manages sets of preferences for any app, StarMores 1.1, XaoS 3.2.8, the fractal generator that works with Videator, and GlobalWarmth 2.2, a multi-station weather monitor.

Here is a
complete list of all the new features

Stone Works™ is available online at the Stone Store. Stone Design has extended its low introductory pricing: $399 through Fall 2007. Each application can also be purchased separately at the Stone Store.

Stone Design Corporation of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was incorporated in 1984 and was the first developer to ship a product on NeXT hardware in 1989 with the release of TextArt. Since then, Stone Design has been a leader in innovative shrinkwrap software in the NEXTSTEP/OpenStep/Mac OS X Server marketplace. Create® - the high end drawing and web page making package - is Mac OS X’s first Cocoa native design application. Stone Works™, Stone Studio™, Create®, iMaginator™, Videator™, PStill™, PreferenceCommander™, FontSight™, PhotoToWeb®, GIFfun™, SliceAndDice™, TimeEqualsMoney™ and PackUpAndGo™ are Stone Design trademarks. Other names are trademarked by their respective companies.

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