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Nothing makes a software house happier than hearing of great customer successes! Got one?

Slice and Dice
Here is a sampling of success with SliceAndDice™:
Andrew Nash quickly turns web interfaces made in PhotoShop into web pages, saving his clients money.
The Challenge: Regular, non-programmer, people want to make cool navigation bars and even entire interfaces by quickly slicing up an image. And then they want some fancy JavaScript rollover to give their site some dynamic behavior - without writing one single line of code!

The Solution:
SliceAndDice® lets you quickly turn any images into web table that can be used in Create or GoLive, etc.

Read how
Andrew Nash can quickly prototype web sites for his clients:
“I have a client who used an outside designer to come up with a design for their website. The graphic artist sent me complete page designs in tiff format and I used SliceAndDice
to chop up the tiffs and create the graphics for the web site. I could have spent the time to figure this out in Photoshop but SliceAndDice’s intuitive interface made the job a no-brainer.

When I started using SliceAndDice there were a few minor limitations that made accurate slices a little difficult. I contacted Andrew and made a few suggestions which he quickly added to the program. He contacted me a few days later with a fully functional beta complete with image zoom and multi-color slice bars.

This program saved me a ton of time and the support has been fantastic!”
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