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Nothing makes a software house happier than hearing of great customer successes! Got one?

Here is a sampling of web success with Create®:
Artist | Church | Biz | Rugby | Club | Castle
Essays | Store | Sailboats | Sports
French | Stars | Vet | Art | Resume
Feature sites of the month: Cottages Artslinks
The Challenge: Regular, non-programmer, people want to build media rich websites - and maintain them without having to learn HTML. They also want to be able to design & print their own cards, stationary, newsletters, and even books. They don’t want to pay a fortune.

The Solution:
Create® lets people build websites in the page layout model. Just drag and drop in any image, movie, sound, or even custom HTML. Add a layer for your navigation controls. Flow text between pages, around any path, or inside/outside of any path. Click a button to create your web site. Click another to save to PDF for high resolution print output. Did someone say, “Done!”? If all you need is professional logos, newsletters, books or pamphlets, Create still has exactly what you need to get the job done quick.

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