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Got an image that you want to use for navigation on your web site? Want to turn images directly into web pages? [SCREENSHOT]

In the past, web page designers would spend hours in PhotoShop, carefully dividing images into smaller subimages, then creating an HTML table to put the subimages back together, then editing the HTML to add a URL to each subimage. (
Here's an article on the subject.)

SliceAndDice automates that process.

Simply drag in an image, drag on horizontal and vertical cut lines, and drag on or type in URLs for each subimage. SliceAndDice will subdivide your image, create an HTML Table with the subimages and links, and display the reassembled image in your web browser.

Add a second image and SliceAndDice will automatically write the JavaScript to create rollovers that show the second image when the user's mouse is over a subimage.

Substitute any image (including animated GIFs) for any of the subimages.

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