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Developer's API
PStill Preferences: Misc - 3
Gamma Correction
To lighten or darken raster images included in your output file, choose a gamma correction value other than 1.

Show At Launch
To make a tool window appear when you launch PStill, check the checkbox for that tool. See
Job Management and Font Management for more info on these tools.

Log All Messages
This will produce verbose output from the conversion engine. Useful to monitor exacty what options were set and what errors or warnings occured during conversion. Choose Tools->Show Log to see these messages.

Automatically Convert
When checked, PStill will run the conversion immediately upon dropping EPS/PS files onto the Conversion window or dock icon. Note that you can drop on folders of EPS/PS as well. If you always need to set options, then uncheck this box. However, when you drop on more than one file or a folder of files, PStill will automatically convert all the files, regardless of this setting.

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