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PStill Installation
1. Installing

If you
download PStill from, you will have a disk image (.dmg) file. Double-click the image to mount it, and copy PStill to your Applications folder.

From the Stone Design CD: Drag PStill to your Applications folder.

2. Licensing

When you first launch PStill, a license panel comes up; you can run PStill in Demo mode, get a trial license, or choose to register it at that time. You can always select PStill->Licenseā€¦ to bring up the license panel. If you don't have a license string, contact
Stone Design. For more information on licensing Stone Design applications, see our licensing tutorial.

3. Installing your PostScript Fonts

PStill needs PostScript fonts in order to convert PS and EPS files containing fonts to PDF. Since PostSript fonts are copyrighted programs, no fonts are distributed with PStill. However, PStill will attempt to locate all your PS fonts in standard locations and link them into itself. Then, you are prompted to compute the Widths and Metrics of these fonts so that PStill can convert PS text. Choose OK to both these panels; it takes a few moments, but you only do it once. See Font Management for more information on this subject.

Note: If ROOT installed PStill, then ROOT must run PStill and install the fonts because of restricted write permissions.

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