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To set the output size, use the Output width and Output height fields.

To set the width only, and have the height calculated, select the Proportional radio button.

To set both the width and height, and have PStill scale as necessary, select the To Fit radio button.

To change the units used in the fields, use the Units dropdown menu. You can specify inches, centimeters, points, or picas.
To set the margin (the blank space around the edge of the page, use the Margin text field.

To set the overlap (the amount of the image that will be duplicated on adjacent tiles), use the Overlap text field. The overlapping areas will be printed within the area allocated for the margin, so the overlap must be less than the margin. An overlap allows a margin of error when cutting and also allows you to have some control in where you cut.

Example: Your printer requires a .5 inch margin. You want a 1 inch overlap to give you some flexibility when pasting up your tiles. Set the margin to 1.5 inches and the overlap to 1 inch.

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