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Font Management - 2
Click Install Fonts to have PStill to search /Network/Library/Fonts, /Library/Fonts, and your home folder ~/Library/Fonts for PostScript fonts. Valid PS fonts will be linked into the PSFonts directory inside the folder. No extra disk space is required for this; the links are symbolic links.

Note on reinstallinng or updating PStill: Because the fonts are linked to a directory inside of the directory, reinstalling or installing a new version of PStill will require installing fonts again.

If you’re using PStill version 2.5 or greater, you can avoid reinstalling your fonts by caching the font information from the old version and then restoring the cache in the new version of PStill.

1. Before you delete or replace your current version of PStill, choose Tools->Cache Fonts. This will write the font information out to /Library/Application Support/Stone/PStill/PSFonts.

2. After you install the new version of PStill, choose Tools->Restore Fonts. This will read in the font information stored in /Library/Application Support/Stone/PStill/PSFonts.

If you want to change the location used to cache your fonts, see
Hidden Preferences.

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