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PStill Features:
What can PStill do?         Download PStill Features PDF

Convert to PDF
Easy and convenient EPS, PS, PDF and several raster image formats to PDF conversion on Windows and MacOS X, able to concat multiple files of all types in the output, also as mixed set. That means you can just drop in some PS, PDF and e.g. TIFF files and PStill will create one PDF from the input set.

PDF Transcoding
(Optimization for size or converting text to outlines)

Batch Convert to PDF and automatic work flow

PostScript flattening/normalization

N-Up processing and special conversion options

Font conversion and normalization

Produce compliant PDF/X

Tile Posters

Combine many files into one PDF

Used in Pyschic - a professional workflow solution

Make Separations - and combine Separations into composite

Complete color management and spot-color mapping

Make secure PDF
which resticts viewing, printing, copying and/or editing

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