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PStill Conversion Options - 4
Start Page #: Sets an internal variable within the PDF file that indicates the logical starting page number.

DPI: Choose a standard from the pop-up or enter any value between 72 and 800 to control converter's dot per inch resolution for placement of graphics. 150 is a good default.

The DPI setting does not mean the output is rescaled to this setting. It is the placement accuracy and gives a measure for placement of vector points. If an EPS does a setflat to very small values (requesting a lot of curve points) and the DPI is higher than 300 it is possible for PStill to take a lot time to process and even fail with a limitcheck error (if it runs out of path space). This does not mean the EPS is faulty; just lower the DPI and it converts well. Anything above 300 dpi is only needed for utmost precision (CAD conversions with lots of small details). Acrobat Distiller calculates internally with 144 DPI.

Choose between 0 and 6 to determine the float precision of elements in the resulting PDF. 0 is to 1/100th of a point, 6 is 1/100,000,000 of a point. The higher the number, the larger the PDF file. Too low of a setting will cause small placement shifts in the output. 2 is a good default value.

Minimum Line Width: 0.0 width lines can cause "burnout" or be so fine that they won't be seen in the output film or paper. This replaces instances of 0 width lines with entered value. .15 might be a good value if you want very fine, but distinct lines.

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