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PStill Conversion Options - 2
PDF Page Size
You can choose a standard page size, or "Take From Job", which is ideal for EPS and when the information can be read from the PS. Or you can choose to output to a set size, or a Custom size, which will enable you to type into the Width and Height fields. When "Take From Job" is selected, the values in Width and Height are used as maximums; if you find your output to be clipped, increase these values as needed. Only the amount required will be used.

Reverse Page Order: When checked, PStill will output the pages in reverse order, so if the input PS document goes from pages 1 to 7, this will output the PDF with page 7, Page 6 and so on.

RGB instead of CMYK: When checked, PStill generates output with RGB model; these colors are brighter and less murky than print CMYK

Level 2 Postscript: When checked, PStill will behave and announce itself as a Level 2 PostScript device. For converting embedded TrueType fonts, this must be on and we recommend that you leave this checked.

Flate Compress: When checked, PStill will compress the PDF document using a non-patented, free compression system. This makes small PDF files, but the files cannot be viewed by PDF viewers prior to PDF Version 1.2. See the Misc tab of the Preferences window for options related to flate compression.

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