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Whirlgif Man Page

Whirlgif Man Page 6
You can specify several delay statements on the command line to change the delay between images in the middle of an animation, e.g.

whirlgif -time 25 a.gif b.gif c.gif -time 100 d.gif -time 25 e.gif f.gif

Usually, the bacground color is defined by the first GIFfile, and often it is index number zero (0). If you are animating with a transparent color, a good method is usually to use the same color as the background.

It is possible, but may cause problems for some programs, to specify several transparency statements on the command line.

The size of the resulting GIF and the global color map is defined by the first GIFfile. If you have a large background GIF and have several smaller GIFs, you may make some kind of a bulletin board by a command of the following form:

whirlgif large.gif -off 77:44 small1.gif -off 22:99 small2.giff ...

You may build in some timing between the small GIFs.

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