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Whirlgif Man Page

Whirlgif Man Page 5
-i incfile
Read a list of names from incfile

-off x:y-pair
Sets the position of the next GIFfile or the set of GIFfiles in an incfile.

The x:y-pair consists of two integers, separated by one character which cannot be part of a number. A colon, ‘:’ is preferred. The two integers define the position of the upper left corner of the next image within the ‘screen’ of the resulting GIF. The integers are added to a possible offset within the next GIFfile. One or both may be negative. Negative numbers will re-position an image upwards and/or to the left within its own ‘screen’. The ‘screen’ of a GIF is the term used in the GIF definitions for the area, a GIF covers.

If you don’t specify an output file, the GIF will be sent to stdout. This is a good thing if you’re using whirlgif in a CGI script, but could cause problems if you run from a terminal and forget to redirect stdout.

The output file (if any) and the loop option MUST be specified before any GIF images.

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