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Master Layers
Combining Documents
Since Create uses multipage documents, you may want to combine two or more documents into a single Create document.

To combine Create documents, drag the file icon of one document (A) onto the window of another document (B).

    • If document A has only one page, that page will be inserted into Document B immediately before Document B’s current page. You will be given an opportunity to choose whether that page should be inserted as a
page or as a Master Layer.

    • If document A has multiple pages, those pages will be added to the end of document B. All Master Layers from document B will also be added and applied correctly to the pages from document B.

Note: The file icon of document A can come from the Finder or from the title bar of document A’s window in Create. (Document A must be
saved first.)

Note: You can drag more than one file icon from the Finder at once; the documents will be added in the order they appear in the Finder.

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