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CSS - Individual Pages
menu: Textual menu bars are in a <div class=”menu”>.

credits: If No Logo is unchecked in the Special pane of the HTML Preferences window, the Create logo and credit line is in a <div class=”credits”>.

credittext: The text of the credit line is in a <span class=”credittext”>.

To put a Text Area in a custom class, name the Text Area in the Text Block Name field in the Object Info window for the Text Area. When Create generates the HTML, it will put that Text Area in a <div class=”your_name”> where “your_name” is replaced by the name you gave the Text Area. You can use the same name for different Text Areas, so multiple Text Areas can have the same style.

Because Create is a WYSIWYG editor, font information for Text Areas is generated automatically and overrides any CSS font styles. However, you can use style sheets to set background colors and borders for Text Areas.
Styled Text Area
For example, this style specification:

.mytext {padding:10; background-color: #CCCCFF; border: 10px inset #6666FF}

makes any Text Area named “mytext” look like this:

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