We’re Off and Riding!

The spring banquet kicked off the beginning of yet another riding season and even the weather cooperated. About 15 bikers showed up for the ride. Dick and I set up the tables for what little collating there was and I had a variety of tasks for those who didn’t want to collate. There were stamps to put on envelopes (more if I hadn’t have left all the 34 cent stamps home!), membership cards to stamp with expiration dates, calendars to fold to fit in the envelopes and last but not least ..... phone numbers to change on 2000 applications.

Thanks to all the folks who spent the afternoon changing the number! We got them all done just in time for dinner. Next year should not be as confusing since we will be starting anew with the mapset packets rather than trying to use up old ones.

Back to the banquet ..... we had a lot of new faces for the collating and about 50 people for dinner. There was a great selection of food, so I doubt if anyone went away hungry. Mark sold 7 jerseys .... maybe it was the fact that they are only $25 each now, ... and there are still some left.

(And we’ve just reduced the price to a measly 10 Bucks!! - ed.)

Speaking of jerseys, we also had a couple new jersey designs to vote on. Thanks to Tim Guenther and Susan Hojnaki for their
submissions. Chris McGoldrick also submitted a preliminary design, but unfortunately he didn’t get the revisions finished in time for the final vote. Thanks to everybody! They each get a volunteer point for their submissions. The winning jersey design was from Tim, so in addition, he will receive a free jersey when they are available. Congratulations! I should mention that Susan’s design recieved a respectable showing, so although Tim was well ahead, Susan picked up a fair share of the votes. I should also mention that the art students from 7th and 8th grade at

Newark BOCES submitted some preliminary designs as well. Thanks to them and Nancy Rohlin for suggesting them.

Now to the awards. The awards chair was in Florida .... Hope they had a good time! In Stephen’s absence, Dick gave out the awards. There were the usual time trial awards, with the Kriesen family running off with 3 of them. Also of note, was Rashid Sadki (age 13) with a very respectable time. Dick at age 70 said he turned in the
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