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This guide submitted by William Haney

How to make a Newsletter in Create®

1. Create a 2-COL LAYOUT and save the document
    (Scripts -> Guides -> 2 Col for instant guides)

2. Make a Text Box to fill the dimensions of the first-column grid box.

3. Copy your text in your editor if it’s already written - then paste the text into the first column. (Or drag in an RTF or DOC file)

4. Click on the ARROW tool in the tool bar

5. Click on the red cross + in the lower right corner of the first column and a Text flow symbol will appear

6. In the second blank column draw a text box covering the full second column and the text will flow automatically into the second box.

7. Now you will want to add the rest of the text not now visible into your newsletter.

8. With the ARROW tool selected and the Text Flow symbol visible...

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