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12. Now you want to include all items that will appear on all subsequent pages in the same place. To do this you must use Master Layers. To do this in 13.:

13. From the Overhead Menu go to:

File > Master Layers, and in the resulting dialog
Click ”New”
Click “Go To”
Click “Add to All”
Choose “Object > New Objects > Page Numbers”

14. Be sure you are back on Page 1.

15. Now you’re ready to insert Masthead & other stuff on page 1:
So, Adjust the first two columns to accommodate the depth of your Masthead and other pertinent info for the reader.

16. Insert Masthead and other info.

NOTE: You can duplicate the last page to keep the text blocks flowing - or using the Image Well set to “Page”, you can drag it out and drop it on to quickly add a new page with all the goodies.

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