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My Favorite One-Liners:

Create is the most fantastic program I have ever used and it amazes me with its power and simplicity. [MF]

I want you to know how much I enjoy your Videator product. Thanks for the quick response! [SM]

I will certainly publicize the benefits of your program and the fact that you are a responsive and responsible software developer. [JB]

BTW, I want to officially thank you for introducing me to Cocoa. --> Thanks! <-- [AR]

I recommend Stone Design to all my friends. [JB]

Wow! Huge thanks for saving my bacon with pstill and trueblue [DA]

Hi andrew, great app. It's almost better than sex. [Keith Ohlfs]

You are extraordinary supportive guru :-) [HN]

Thank you for Stone Studio which make me very happy. [KT-japan]

very very nicely done. thank you very much. [TC]

Good, simple and powerful programs. Keep up with the good work. [MB]

incredible service done! “Best Service Ever” [HE]

Thank you for the quick response, and making Mac OS X the best OS!
(Sure it is a good OS, but what is an OS without software?) [MM]

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