You are not alone having trouble falling asleep.

The pace of modern life has increased the velocity at which we live. Everything seems to be going faster and faster, making us feel like there is less and less time to be getting more and more done.

And when we lay our exhausted bodies down at night, the brain keeps chugging along, refusing to stop and let us rest.

Luckily, humankind has been plagued by mental restlessness for a very long time, and effective techniques to relax the mind and body have evolved over the millennia.

This guidebook shows you these techniques – give them a try, and you'll find one or two that work especially well for you.

Although melatonin and herbal infusions of cammomile, poppy or valerian root may be useful natural sleep aids, this book is only concerned with something you always have at your beck and call: your breathing and your attention.

While some of these tools emerged from various spiritual traditions, they are effective whether you believe in the supernatural or not – they are scientific in that the results are reproducible and have been proven effective.

                        Sweet Dreams!

How To Fall Asleep Naturally