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Twittelator Pro V 2.3
Most Powerful & Versatile iPhone/Touch Twitter Client
San Francisco June 15 2009 - Stone Design aka Big Stone Phone today released a free upgrade to its top-selling Twitter client Twittelator Pro. With an emphasis on usability, speed, elegance and user customization, Version 2 was redesigned from ground up for ease of use, aesthetics and stability. V2.3 adds more power features like audio tweeting and ability to block/unblock users. Twittelator Pro was chosen as Editor’s pick for best iPhone Twitter client by Mac|Life in May 2009 issue!

“The incredible development cycle of V2 began on February 5th after a San Francisco TweetUp,” said Stone Design CEO Andrew Stone, @twittelator. “We released 4 major versions, one per month since then, and this version lets you upload audio recordings and automatically links them to your tweet. And we added the most asked-for feature to combat the inevitable onslaught of twitter spam: the ability to block users!”

A complete
feature list is here, but here’s what’s new and fixed in V2.3:
• 4 lines of bio instead of just 3 for verbose tweeps
• Yfrog videos open in internal browser


• taking Photos works again
• posted tweets not shown double
• If no connection, you can still search Friends
• Tap top bar won't accidentally scroll to top
        (that's double tap!)
• ws shortened links open in browser
• web activity shows busy indicator

Features recently added to Version 2.0 - 2.2.1 include:

Automatic queuing and sending of tweets
        • send as multiple messages as fast as you can
         • great for offline composing
         • automatically sent when network comes up
        • unsent messages badged on app icon when you quit
        • automatically sent when you relaunch Pro

Autosave and restore any number of Drafts
        • tap Top Bar in Compose to retrieve
         • auto-deleted on send, auto-updated on retrieve, edit

• Beautiful new User Interface:
         • complete tweet design makeover
         • themes for night, daylight and indoor
         • configure your top categories on TabBar
         • badges show number of new tweets in each category
• Completely redesigned User Detail much cleaner, faster:
         • allows breadcrumbed drilldowns into friends of friends
         • Search for any user to follow anyone
         • shows twitter app used by tweeter
• Much faster:
         • scroll speed greatly increased
         • refreshes must faster
• Wide tweet composing window (turn for landscape)
• Load More Tweets button at bottom of tweets list
        go back in time as far as you like!
• See anyone's avatar full screen
* @friends can now be searched like 'Contacts' via typing
* DM's over 140 chars are automatically sent as 2 DM's
* 6th photo posting service:
* Moby, Pikchur and YFrog support private DM photos
* Optimized conversations for speed and resources
* Shows TwitLens photos inline and fullscreen on tap
* Shows MobyPicture images fullscreen
* Option to open full screen photos in the built-in web browser
        (to add comments or email link for example)
* iTunes AppStore links open in AppStore app
* See up to 13 mentioned users in a tweet
* ReadItLater from a webpage adds the title to the RIL
• Shows yfrog, TwitPic, mobypic, TwitGoo, Twitlens & Pikchur images right in tweet
• Shows and plays mp3’s
• Stock Portfolio list for instant stock searches
• Send links to Instapaper for later reading
• Email tweets
• Complete Help available in program
• One-tap shrink tweet and links during compose
• One-tap reply
• Large Font option
• Save any set or all tweets and read them later
• Option to see a user’s replies from Details
• Support for for MobyPicture as 4th photo service
• Option to upload photos to alternate service should one fail
• Automatically learns #tags you use for instant insertion later
• Option to copy link to tweet (for shorter re-tweeting)
• Choose from 3 re-tweet styles, including “via”
• Choose from 5 link shortening services
• Choose your Auto-refresh interval
• Option to just show screen names
• Option to turn off connection warnings
• Raven and Dove themes much richer
• Shows photos full screen: tap for Save Option
• Added "Read It Later" as alternate Link Save Service with Instapaper
• See which twitter app posted tweet, turn on "Just Screen Names"
Detail shows which twitter app posted last status too!
• "My Profile" • new catorgory that's easy to find in More
• 3 Trends options: Current Daily Weekly
• Nearby search takes distance from last Advanced Location Search
• Added twitgoo to inline tweet thumbsnails along with moby, twitpic, pikchur, yfrog.
• You can now delete DM's to you (as well as your own tweets and DM's)
• Save Photos and Avatars to your Photos library
• Fast Launch option in Autorefresh by updating only current category
• When launched by bookmarklet, no auto refresh for instant posting
Swap accounts mid-compose
• multiple accounts shows active account on launch
• we post Tweets with images for better results
• automatic notification when uploaded
• photos in a reply show conversation thread
• Tap ⇢⇠ shrink button 2nd time to undo shortening
Option to Disable Landscape Mode for tweeting upside down in bed or bath!
• Added  in dingbats

With many oher power features including multiple accounts, sub groups of friends, autorefresh, trending topics, conversations, nearby search for tweeters, see anyone’s favorites and last tweets, advanced and persistent searches, insty-tweet links from Safari, copy/paste/retweet, high-resolution photo uploads, auto double-tweeting of long tweets, and server access log, Twittelator Pro V2 has carefully packed the most features of any twitter client into a very usable and user-configurable layout.

“The positive feedback for Version 2, 2.1 and 2.2 has culminated in final release for iPhone 2.2.1 prior to the forthcoming iPhone 3.0 release later this summer ” remarked Stone Design’s CEO and lead computer scientist Andrew Stone. “Twittelator Pro was the #7 best-selling social networking iPhone app of 2008 and #2 for all Twitter clients. Version 2.2 pushes Twittelator Pro over the top! If you enjoy the free Twittelator Lite, you’ll love Twittelator Pro V2”.

Stone Design is a New Mexico based software corporation founded in 1984 by
Andrew Stone which has shipped over 20 titles for Mac OS X and its parent operating system, the NeXT, in the last 20 years. Major applications include Create, a page layout and web authoring app, iMaginator for image processing and Videator for video effects and VJ’ing. In the past year, in conjunction with BigStonePhone, has added 6 iPhone applications to the collection: TalkingPics for field photography and audio recording, iGraffiti which lets you paint on photos and share them, Gesture which lets you turn photos into digital paintings and share them, Twittelator Pro, the most feature laced twitter client for the iPhone/Touch, Pulsar the free pyschedelic strobe light and now SoundBite. BigStonePhone is a collaboration between Stone and Jeff BIggus of, and Geoff Pado of Cocoatype on SoundBite and MobileMix.

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