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Big Stone Phone Ships 3 new iPhone Apps
iGraffiti (paint), TalkingPics (record audio and photos), Twittelator
Applications Offer Fun & Practicality for iPhone Users
Albuquerque July 11th 2008 - Big Stone Phone is proud to announce the release of three brand new applications for the iPhone. All three applications make use of the iPhone’s built in camera, but with differing intentions – one app, TalkingPics, has many practical applications, while another, called iGraffiti, is just pure fun. The third application, Twittelator, is a full-featured Twitter client for the iPhone with the ability to send a map of the user's location with one click and automatically upload snapshots to

TalkingPics allows the user to make many voice and music recordings for later playback. You can add a new snapshot, a library photo or even a map of your current location using the iPhone's GPS functionality. Think of it as “sonic captioning,” allowing users to “make notes” without using a keypad or stylus to enter words. You can have many projects, which each contain as many entries as you like. The software has many practical applications, as developer Andrew Stone pointed out.

“We designed it for working professionals such as doctors, police officers, real estate agents and any profession where people need to take visual and audio notes in a hands-free way. And of course, students will love it, especially the introductory price of just $9.99!” said Stone.

iGraffiti lets users take a picture and then paint on it using the tip of the finger on the iPhone’s touch screen. Users can adjust brush stroke, shadow and effects, and can choose from a 48-color “crayon” palette picker for their paint colors. Making use of the iPhone’s motion features, users can shake the iPhone once to delete the last action, and shake twice to start from the beginning. Users can also pull images from the web for manipulation with iGraffiti, and then submit their art to the web.

“We’ve been having a lot of fun with this one,” said Stone. “Finished images can be saved in
Photos and emailed to friends, used as Contact pictures or can even be shared with the iGraffiti community over the web. Visit to see the public art space. At $4.99, it's a must-have app!”

Twittelator lets you instantly twitter a link to the map of your current location to the popular social networking site In an emergency, yo u can microblog a help message with your location with just one click. With all the standard features of a twitter client, Twittelator is a must-have application for Twitter users. Most importantly, Twittelator is 100% free!

Big Stone Phone is the result of a collaboration between two well-known Apple developers, Andrew Stone & Jeff Biggus and an award winning Mac artist, Ollie Wagner. Mr. Stone is the founder of Stone Design of Albuquerque, makers of Stone Works Creative Suite that bundles together 17 productivity applications for Mac OS X. The Suite includes Create, a page layout and web publishing program, iMaginator, an image manipulation program, and Videator, a video effects and VJ'ing program along with more than a dozen others. Mr. Biggus is a Chicago-based consultant who runs the popular HyperJeff OS X website for Mac users and developers. Mr. Wagner creates icons for applications on the Mac and iPhone.

“Developing for the iPhone is so much fun,” said Stone. “It’s a new frontier. Part of the fun comes from knowing that there are tons of other developers out there trying to make great software for this incredible device. We’re just one of hundreds if not thousands of groups on the planet trying to make something great.”

The applications are available for download and use today directly from your iPhone by clicking "App Store". Direct links to the apps will be posted at

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