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Stone Design ships Stone Works for INTEL

San Francisco, January 10, 2006 - Stone Design today announced immediate availability of fourteen of its top applications optimized to run on either INTEL or PPC in one handy download. These applications run natively on both architectures, and can be downloaded here:

The download includes these applications:
Create® - advanced page layout, illustration and web authoring
iMaginator™ - image processing made easy
PhotoToWeb® - quicklly make websites of your photos
PStill™ - make PDF of all types and more
TimeEqualsMoney™ - instant time tracking and billing
SliceAndDice™ - turn images into web pages with hot links
FontSight™ - add a visual font menu to native OS X apps
GIFfun™ - make web animations
Global Warmth™ - check the weather around the globe
StampInStone™ - watermark any PDF
PreferenceCommander™ - manage sets of preferences for any app
iPhoto to PhotoToWeb plugin - quickly export iPhoto images to PhotoToWeb
PackUpAndGo™ - quickly archive/unarchive cross-platform tarballs
TrueBlue™ - convert your TrueType and OpenType fonts to PS Type 1 fonts

According to Stone Design’s CEO, Andrew Stone, “With Apple’s advanced development environment, we were able to quickly port all of our applications to run natively on INTEL processors. When I first launched Create on a 3.6 gigahertz CPU, my mind was blown by how fast it was! Apple has a real winner on its hands, and we wanted to be there right with them when they hit the ground running.”

Stone Design’s acclaimed
LicenserKit - a complete licensing solution for Mac OS X developers - is also now available for both INTEL and PPC.

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